One of the last techno, and the only hard techno DJ in Macedonia, Khazar, began his interest in electronic music all the way back in the 

mid 90s through the music of J.M. Jarre, Kraftwerk and Vangelis.

Always trying to be different in his style and as a result from the energy he got from that sound he first started to play DnB and electro breaks. After spending several 

years of perfecting his mixing skills with these two styles he wanted to reach even further than that and started buying records, but since there was very little choice of electro-break LPs, he turned to techno, bought some LPs and started practicing with this style as well. With a few years of mixing experience already behind him, he adapted to techno with great ease and started playing in some clubs across the city and his country.

Being an amazing technician behind the decks and having the ability to sense the "next big thing" - thus always staying one step ahead of the others and surprising the crowd with something new, he is often a part of large festivals and parties like the Greatest Hits festivals (the most visited resident festivals in Macedonia with over 10000 guests), Cafe Del Skopje pt.2, Cafe Del Ohrid and Dojran Summer Festival. Played with Jim Masters, Fransois K, DJ Balthazar, Concrete DJz, Marko Nastic, Dave Mothersole, DJ Lucca, Tomcraft, he also had a few special appearances, the Happy New Year 2008 Burn Festival and the Love Dimension festival playing a set after DJ Katya.

His DJ sets are very spontaneous and characteristic since they usually contain lots of different styles. He also enjoys playing back 2 back with other DJs that play a different style than his own.